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Corporate Parcel Lockers for Businesses

Simplify mailroom operations with flexible, smart parcel lockers that guarantee security, convenience and timeliness. Our robust hardware and multi-layered, advanced security features are why J.P. Morgan Chase Bank chooses Click n Collect corporate solutions.

Corporate Parcel Lockers for Businesses | Click n Collect

Corporate smart lockers that merge human-centred design with the latest technology

Is your corporate business looking to solve its parcel congestion problem? At Click n Collect, our collection of corporate smart lockers are here to optimise your mailroom's productivity and create a contactless and stress-free delivery and pick-up process. All while ensuring the highest level of security for important and confidential material being sent to your business.

What is human-centred design?

Human-centered design (HCD) is an approach to problem-solving that places the needs and experiences of people at the centre of the design process. It's a user-centered approach that considers the perspectives and requirements of end-users, as well as their social and cultural context, throughout the design process.

The goal of HCD is to create solutions that are not only functional and efficient, but also satisfying and meaningful to the people who will use them. For Click n Collect, the process starts by understanding the problem space through empathy and research, and then uses that understanding to guide the development of our design concepts. Through iterative testing and refinement, HCD ensures that our technologies meet the needs of your business and ultimately the people (end-user or customer) you are providing the solution for.

Why are they called "smart lockers"?

Smart lockers are called "smart" because they are part of a new generation of connected products that require a supporting technology infrastructure to function effectively. This infrastructure is often referred to as a "technology stack."

In the case of smart lockers, the technology stack provides a gateway for data exchange between the locker and the user, integrating data from business systems, external sources, and other related products. The technology stack also serves as the platform for data storage and analytics, runs applications, and safeguards access to the locker and the data flowing to and from it.

For example, Click n Collect's smart parcel lockers use sensors to detect when a package has been delivered and then use the technology stack to send a notification to the recipient that their package is ready for pickup. Our technology stack could also store information about who has accessed the locker and when, allowing for detailed tracking and monitoring of locker usage.

Overall, the smart technology stack enables smart lockers to be more than just simple storage units. It allows them to be integrated into broader systems and to provide a range of added features and benefits, such as automated notifications, enhanced security, and real-time data analysis.

Why partner with Click n Collect?

Click n Collect is a reliable locker specialist trusted by individuals and businesses worldwide. Our robust hardware and multi-layered, advanced security features are why J.P. Morgan Chase Bank partners with Click n Collect to provide corporate locker solutions.


Other businesses' empowering their operations with Click n Collect's smart locker technology

Discover how other successful businesses are using Click n Collect's state-of-the-art smart lockers to streamline their operations and improve their user experience.

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Corporate Locker Technology | Click n Collect

Streamline parcel, document and asset management

Our parcel lockers for corporate businesses include modular compact systems, device charging, and asset management and can also be customised before and after installation to match your company branding. This means you can easily create a customised locker for easy identification or have a specific locker size to meet your business's operational needs.

Workplace lockers with multiple applications

Our modular design allows you to achieve the optimum balance between minimal footprint and the ability to cater for the expected volume of different equipment/device sizes.  

Parcel management

Our office lockers enable staff or authorised delivery partners to simply deliver parcels and mail directly into the locker and the recipient is automatically notified.

Document management

Self-service and contactless lockers can provide a secure and efficient solution for managing controlled documents, such as sensitive customer information, e.g. in banks, reducing the risk of unauthorised access and improving workflow efficiency.

Asset management

Our lockers can be used for secure and efficient asset management, allowing businesses to track and manage the distribution of high-value assets, such as laptops and tools, to employees and contractors.

Device charging

Store, charge, secure and transport your laptops and other electronic devices with Click n Collect smart lockers. 

Personal storage

Perfect for the shared workspace and hybrid working environment, provide employees personal, secure storage while at work.

Visitor locker

Flexible software management allows you to allocate a certain number of lockers to visitors, and just as easy re-allocate them back to employees.

Corporate Locker Technology

Multi-layered, advanced software security features

Our robust and reliable hardware solutions are met with multi-layered, advanced software features. Our platform is built for seamless integration with your exisiting IT platform(s) thanks to our extensive API suite. We also understand that security plays a significant role with every self-service system; which is why we secure the hardware, user, operator, and data with innovative features such as integrated alarm systems and encrypted communication. 

Our software at a glance

Our extensive API suite ensures a seamless integration with your company's IT systems to enable a fully automated and reliable system.

End-to-end encryption

Data on servers and terminals is fully encrypted during end-to-end transfers, and additionally, all personal data (if captured) is encrypted at rest.

Intuitive UI & UX

Our self-service and contactless lockers are simple and easy to use, and support multiple languages.

Flexible user permissions

Flexible user managements lets you to preserve the appropriate balance of collaboration and control.

VPN Sync

Data syncs between server and terminal over secure VPN to ensure data security.

Cloud hosted

Our cloud hosting platform runs industry gold standard security and best practices for uptime and disaster recovery.


Protect sensitive packages and documents with Click n Collect's Identity Verification™.

“Working across numerous countries and time zones, we have found Click n Collect to be innovative and flexible while providing us with the full A-Z solution across all our markets”.


Boost your business operations with Click n Collect today

By opting for a secure parcel lockers system for your business, you can reduce the volume of work for your mailroom and minimise the volume of parcel delivery couriers coming into your office. This means fewer interruptions and unknown individuals entering in and out of your corporate office in a day while maintaining a positive reputation with your premium clientele. In sum, for a secure and efficient way to manage your corporate deliveries, consider our electronic parcel lockers.

Why partner with Click n Collect?

Click n Collect is a global organisation with over 19 sales and support centres around the globe, including in USA, Canada, Latin America, Europe, New Zealand and Asia.

Turn-key solutions

From design and manufacturing, to implementation and ongoing support, we're here to ensure your business gets the most from its locker investment.

Seamless integration

The expertise gained over many years and across hundreds of project ensures a seamless integration with your IT platforms(s).

Peace of mind

We work with some of the largest organisations globally who demand only the best in automated locker technology.


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