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Our Story

Navigating through the era of Click n Collect


How it started

Welcome to Click n Collect, your ally in redefining convenient and innovative solutions in the digital and physical retail spheres. Our journey, while robust and independent, is gracefully entwined with decades of expertise, innovation, and a pioneering spirit, embedded from our origins in VLocker Pty Ltd. Here we share a snippet of our rich tapestry, narrating how we evolved and sculpted a distinct path in providing intelligent, integrated locker solutions.

Our roots extend to the accomplished legacy of VLocker Pty Ltd, established in 1991, which has remarkably served diverse sectors by creating secure, temporary storage solutions in various venues, from bustling transit stations to vibrant entertainment centres.

In 2011, we embraced a transformative collaboration with Coles Supermarkets, one of Australia’s retail giants, which serendipitously propelled us into a new era of retail solutions. Guided by our commitment to creating accessible and user-friendly solutions, we engineered an integrated grocery locker system, offering a liberating 24/7 pick-up alternative for online grocery shoppers.

2012 welcomed us with another strategic collaboration, this time with Officeworks, Australia’s leading office and home office supplies retailer. Tasked with rolling out a national courier service across 167 Officeworks locations in a brisk 8 weeks, our team navigated through this ambitious challenge, marking a notable accomplishment in our chronicle. 

Acknowledging the distinct demands and growth trajectory of innovative locker solutions, July 2017 marked the birth of Click n Collect Pty Ltd. While we burgeoned into a separate entity, the partnership and shared services with VLocker persist, harmoniously melding expertise as we sculpt our forward path.


How it's going

Since our inception, Click n Collect has always been driven by the desire to make a difference in the retail landscape. Our zeal to constantly reinvent ourselves while maintaining the essence of our roots has been the cornerstone of our growth. From humble beginnings with VLocker, today, in 2023, we stand tall as a beacon in the locker solution industry. Our partnerships, both old and new, exemplify our commitment to excellence and innovation. With esteemed clients such as TESCO, Woolworths, Georgia Main Food Group, Rohlik, IKEA, JD Sports, Thiriet, Super Cheap Auto, and JP Morgan Chase in our portfolio, we've showcased our versatility and ability to cater to various sectors.

Our collaborations go beyond mere business relationships; they are a testament to the trust and faith our partners place in us. Every solution we design is a product of meticulous planning, understanding the distinct nuances of each client's needs, and integrating them with cutting-edge technology. Our team's relentless pursuit of perfection ensures that every locker we craft resonates with the ethos of our brand - reliability, functionality, and foresight.

At Click n Collect, we understand that in the rapidly evolving digital era, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. That’s why our solutions are more than just lockers; they are the embodiment of security and convenience. Each locker tells a story of innovation, commitment, and a promise to deliver nothing but the best. As we continue our journey, our vision remains clear – to craft solutions that don’t just meet expectations but redefine them. Our success isn't measured by the number of lockers we install, but by the peace of mind we provide to our clients. For us, every locker is not just a product but a promise, a promise of quality, innovation, and trust.

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