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More than a locker– a fortress of Australian engineering, transforming deliveries into seamless, sustainable experiences.

Partnering for positive change

Click n Collect's food bank lockers are an effective solution for eliminating food insecurity and providing support to your neighbors in need. 


Buying your first Smart Locker?

Buying smart lockers is an exciting time, but one that's also filled with questions. So, we've created this guide to give you an overview of how things work, make things simple – and ultimately get you the smart lockers you need sooner. 

“Once a customer has used the Click n Collect system for the first time, they want to use it again and again. There is no real wait time, and they can come at their own convenience.”
Supercheap Auto
"We appreciate the simplicity of Click n Collect. The process is undeniably user-friendly: the van pulls up, we unload it, enter the number into the screen, get directed to the lockers, load them up, and just like that - it's done. Truly as simple as that."
"At the Click n Collect locker launch we had shoppers try the system with no directions from us- everyone got it. Its a simple, convenient and intuitive system that saves our customers time- freeing up hours in their busy lives."
Fresh St. Market
Ready to get started?

We know this path intimately and we're here to walk it with you.

Click n Collect designs, manufactures, and installs smart lockers for businesses globally. Equipped with the latest technology, our locker solutions can be customised to suit the needs of users in any sector.