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Temperature-controlled Locker Systems

Empowering businesses with secure, temperature-controlled delivery lockers for enhanced customer experience.

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Effortlessly meet the needs of your customers with Click n Collect Lockers

From grocery stores and restaurants to pharmacies and food banks, our lockers are designed to accommodate a wide range of industries. Explore how our cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly technology can revolutionise your delivery process and elevate your customer experience.

Online and mobile shopping

Temperature-controlled lockers can serve as a convenient and secure pickup option for customers who order groceries online or via mobile app. Customers can place their order and select a pickup time, then retrieve their items from a locker location at their convenience.

Personalisation and customer insights

Unlock the power of personalisation and customer insights with our cloud-based management system. Gain access to real-time analytics and comprehensive reports, empowering your business to make informed, data-driven decisions for an enhanced customer experience.

Sustainability and social responsibility

Smart lockers can help reduce carbon emissions associated with home delivery. By offering a centralised pickup location, retailers can consolidate deliveries and reduce the number of trips required for delivery.

Convenience and speed

Offer a fast and convenient pickup option for busy customers with Click n Collect temperature-controlled lockers. With 24/7 access, customers can retrieve their groceries at any time that suits them, without having to wait for a delivery driver or visit the store during business hours.


Simple and easy to use for 'non-techies'

Our industry-leading temperature-controlled lockers boast an intuitive interface, making it simple for users to store and retrieve items with ease. Catering to various preferences, our system can be accessed through smartphones or on-site touchscreens, complete with clear instructions and visual cues for a seamless experience.

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Locker Security

Uncompromising Security & Privacy

We prioritise the security and privacy of user data in our smart locker systems. With robust security measures, including encrypted communication and secure authentication methods, we stay ahead of the curve on potential vulnerabilities.


APIs empowering possibilities

Our temperature-controlled lockers integrate flawlessly with your organisation's existing systems, including access control, security, and employee management software. This streamlined process enables efficient locker assignment, usage tracking, and report generation.


Adaptable design for ultimate scalability   

Your Click n Collect Smart Locker system is designed to evolve seamlessly alongside your organisation as it expands. By offering an adaptable design, we ensure that your lockers maintain superior performance, regardless of whether you are increasing the number of lockers or branching out to multiple locations. This flexible approach allows your organization to grow without worrying about the limitations of your locker infrastructure, providing the ultimate scalability solution.

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Experience the confidence of world-class enterprises in our solutions.

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Freshness guaranteed, every time!

Click-and-collect temperature-controlled lockers make it easier for you as a business to go above and beyond for your customers, increasing their satisfaction with a streamlined shopping experience and making it much more likely they’ll shop with you again. Our refrigerated and freezer lockers will keep your belongings cool while waiting to be picked up. These options make Click n Collect temperature-controlled lockers the product of choice for businesses like pharmacies, grocery stores, food banks, and even restaurants. 

Reporting Features

Temperature-controlled locker applications

Our indoor and outdoor lockers are a versatile storage solution that can be used to maintain the quality and safety of a wide range of items.

Foodservice items

Temperature-controlled lockers can be used to store foodservice items such as fresh produce, meat, and dairy products that require specific temperature ranges to prevent spoilage and maintain their quality.

Wine and beverages

Temperature-controlled lockers can be used to store wine and other beverages that need to be stored at specific temperatures to maintain their taste and quality. Contact our teat to learn more about our age-estimation software. 


Temperature-controlled lockers can be used to store medications that require refrigeration, such as insulin and vaccines.


Temperature-controlled lockers can be used to store flowers that need to be kept at cool temperatures to prevent wilting and extend their shelf life.


Temperature-controlled lockers can be used to store cosmetics that require refrigeration to maintain their quality and shelf life.

Electronic devices

Temperature-controlled lockers can be used to store electronic devices such as computer servers that require cool temperatures to prevent overheating and damage.

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Transforming food distribution schedules

Our innovation doesn't end with retail; we continue to explore new avenues for the practical application of our technology. By identifying other sectors where our lockers can make a meaningful impact, we remain dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals and communities alike. 

Recognizing the critical role that food banks play in communities, we have expanded our focus to support their essential mission of providing accessible and secure food distribution.

Our versatile lockers now cater to the unique needs of food banks, offering temperature-controlled storage for both perishable and non-perishable items. This ensures a safe and efficient collection process for those in need, further demonstrating the adaptability and broad impact of our innovative solution in addressing diverse challenges in the retail and distribution landscape.

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Create a competitive edge

Create a competitive edge with age-verification

Age verification constitutes more than half of interventions at self-checkouts, slowing down the checkout lines for customers. And while more retailers are leaning into electronic lockers for their buy online and pick-up in-store (BOPIS), few have the technology for automated age verification. Thus, we’ve developed a privacy-first approach to age verification which means your customers can meet your minimum age requirements without sharing personal information, allowing them to shop confidently.

Our software at a glance

Our extensive API suite ensures a seamless integration with your company's IT systems to ensure a fully automated and reliable system.

End-to-end encryption

Data on servers and terminals is fully encrypted during end-to-end transfers, and additionally, all personal data (if captured) is encrypted at rest.

Flexible user permissions

Flexible user managements lets you to preserve the appropriate balance of collaboration and control.

Uptime guarantee

Click n Collect offers an unparalleled commitment to reliability, with an impressive service level guarantee of 99.9% uptime.

24/7 customer support

Experience around-the-clock assistance with our 24/7 customer support for smart lockers.

Cloud hosted

Our cloud hosting platform runs industry gold standard security and best practices for uptime and disaster recovery.

Data analytics

Gain access to top-tier reporting and management tools with our package management software.


Want to learn how we build innovative temperature-controlled lockers?   

At the core of our innovative temperature-controlled lockers lies the principle of human-centred design.

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Frequently asked questions

What are temperature-controlled lockers?

Temperature-controlled lockers are used for storing and delivering groceries and other perishable items. They are commonly used by grocery stores, online retailers, and other businesses that offer grocery delivery services, but also perfect for storing electronics and cosmetics.

What is a temperature-controlled locker system?

A temperature-controlled locker system is a network of temperature-controlled lockers that are connected to a central management system. These lockers are used for storing and delivering groceries and other perishable items, and the management system allows for easy tracking and management of the lockers.

How to temperature-controlled lockers work?

Click n Collect's temperature-controlled lockers work by using a suite of smart technology to maintain a consistent temperature within the locker. Our lockers can be programmed to maintain specific temperature ranges depending on the type of items being stored.

What are freezer lockers?

Freezer lockers are temperature-controlled lockers that maintain sub-zero temperatures, making them ideal for storing frozen goods. They are commonly used in grocery stores, food distribution centres, and other businesses that require freezer storage.

What are the costs associated with implementing a temperature-controlled locker system?

The cost of implementing a temperature-controlled lockers system will vary depending on the size, features, and customisation options. If you’re looking for a temperature-controlled lockers system that will just perform the basics, you can expect to spend $3-5k on average less than investing in a state-of-the-art locker system. However, to take advantage of the leap forward in locker technology and get the very best user experience, expect to pay a little more.

Can temperature-controlled lockers be customised to fit specific needs?

Yes, with Click n Collect temperature-controlled lockers you can customise the locker size and colour, plus many more additional features.

Are temperature-controlled lockers secure?

Temperature-controlled lockers are generally considered to be more secure than traditional lockers, as they use digital technology to provide access and often have strong security measures, such as one-time pins and optional 2FA. However, as with any technology, there is always the potential for vulnerabilities and security breaches, so it is important to choose a reputable provider and ensure that appropriate security measures are in place. Click n Collect's multi-layered, advanced security features are why J.P. Morgan Chase Bank chooses Click n Collect solutions.

How can grocery store managers monitor and manage grocery lockers?

You can monitor and manage temperature-controlled lockers through a central management system provided by the locker provider. Click n Collect's industry-leading system allows managers to track locker usage, monitor inventory levels, and manage access permissions for customers and delivery providers.